How an old winery became a bed&breakfast: the story of Bleu Raisin

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Creating a bed&breakfast in France

On April 9th 2011 we opened the doors of our brand new bed&breakfast near Saint-Emilion in the Bordeaux wine region. Only a few more weeks to go and we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary! Reason enough to look back on the creation of Bleu Raisin…

Creating a bed&breakfast in France is something many people dream of, but never try to give it a shot. Six years ago, we decided to take a step into the unknown and start building our dream.

We gave up our jobs, sold our house and went looking for that special authentic spot in the Bordeaux area. Being wine lovers, we fell for the picturesque area around Saint-Emilion, with its small winding roads, rolling vineyards and of course… delicious wines! And there it was… A former winery with an old barn,  in need of a huge amount of TLC, but with a stunning view of the surrounding vineyards and châteaux.

Bleu Raisin before & after

Room Joie de Lavande “before”

Bed and Breakfast - Joie de Lavande

Room Joie de Lavande “after”







After 6 months of getting to know the area and the people, and thoroughly renovating the barn and part of the house – a 24/7 job with lots of ups and downs -, we managed to be ready for the Easter holidays in 2011. And so it was that 5 years ago, on April 9th, we were proud to announce the opening of our own guesthouse.

Now, 5 years and numerous guests later, we still enjoy the result of our hard work. Still making improvements every year, we try to offer a home away from home to travellers. We are proud to be able to welcome people from all over the world. No less than 32 different nationalities have already visited our bed and breakfast and all of them have their own story, their own culture.

Proud of all this and looking forward to continue the same way for the next few years, we like to share this joy with you. Planning to come to France this spring? Come and meet us and we will be happy to offer you a special discount for our 5th anniversary. Read more: